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Dream Author: Sheri

Dream Date: 2016-05-26 14:00:51

Dream Title: Blue Aura Son

User Words: Beckoned misty forest whiteraven keys blue aura spirit fawn water wall

Dream Description: I walk eagerly through overgrown dead gardens into a lush forest trying to find what\'s beckoning me. Mist surrounds and speaks to me silently telling me to look down.I see my Sons keys a gold thread tied to them,becomes attached to my naval.A white Raven say\'s Float West. I see a brilliant blue aura male spirit floating with in the the mist briefly look at me, then a fawn appears and they merge and disappear. I am unable to follow, now there\'s a majestic purple buck before me. My hands have aged and are decaying, the buck\'s antler\'s are perpetual waterfall, he shakes his head,the water heals my hand\'s, but their rainbow colored. The buck tells me in my Son\'s voice to return when I have received my own two coins.His eye\'s are now coin\'s, I say my Son\'s name and dream end\'s.

Dream Comments: Over all I felt peaceful in the dream,a sense of belonging as well. The most prominent symbol for me is the blue aura male spirit. I felt,and still feel a plethora of emotions that I am confused about now.

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Dream Location City: Colorado Springs
Dream Location Country: United States of America

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