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World Ideas Compendium
Welcome! We are assembling a central database of ideas that may improve or contribute to the world. You are invited to register any ideas which you feel maybe significant or worth noting and wish to make available for viewing by researchers or people with an interest in developing or supporting new ideas, inventions, projects or possible solutions for a particular problem which concerns us all.

This is NOT an official legal registrar or copyright Service. However, when you enter your idea in this database, it is stamped with date, time of entry and your ip address. You also enter your email address, date you had the idea and location.

You may contribute as many ideas as you wish. The information is stored in a database for research purposes so we can gradually provide a unique compendium of our ideas for improving our world. Please only contribute ideas you are happy to share with the world.

This is one of the most unique projects the online world has seen and will provide valued information for many thinkers, researchers and developers around the globe. This form is for English language entries only. We will be adding Spanish and French language entries in the coming months.

Please DO NOT enter any personal information, real names, html tags or links in your idea description, this will cause your idea to be deleted from the record. All submissions have to approved by our staff before inclusion. All we need is a short description of the idea, up to approx 2000 words max. There is a comments section for you to add extra notes below the idea description. Please note all entries are required to complete the form correctly. It is essential that you enter a valid email address. Please be assured we value you privacy highly and we do not display your personal information on your records. A valid email address along with your date of birth is essential for you to access and view your own idea records. If a third party wishes to use your idea and contact you, they contact us first, we will then send you their contact details. We play no other role and accept no responsibility for any information you post in these records. Use at own risk.

Please click on the "idea" icons to read the help file BEFORE entering information in each field, these explain how and what to add to each field as you go.

Thank you for participating in this exciting project!

Help Idea Words
* required field - enter up to 20 words (with spaces in between - NOT commas) which sum up your idea
Help Idea Title
* required field - enter a title (up to 100 chars max)
Help Add Your Idea
* required field - enter up to 2000 words max which describe your idea
Help Extra Comments
* Optional field - type none for no entry, or enter up to 1000 word max.
Help Date of this Idea     Tick the box to confirm your selection
* required field - enter the approx date you had this idea
Help City where idea occured
* required field - Enter the city or town your were in when you had this idea
Help Country idea occured
* required field - Select the country you were in when you had this wish

Now we need to know a few details about yourself. This information is purely for research purposes and is not used for any other reasons. We do not require your name or any personal addresses, but we do require a valid email contact to help identify you in the database and a date of birth so we can determine the ages of the people sharing ideas or thoughts.

Help Sex
* required field - Are you female or male?
Help Your Date of Birth 23 January 2018     Tick the box to confirm your selection
* required field - Click on Calendar Icon to enter your birthdate
Help Email Address
* required field - Must enter a valid email address so we can identify your Ideas
Help Author Name (optional)
* Optional field - you may enter your author name here, be aware, it will be displayed with your idea
Help URL Link (optional)
* Optional field - you may enter a full url http://example.com - be aware, it will be displayed with your idea
Help Agree to Publish Yes! I wish to allow my idea to be published in the World Ideas Compendium
    * required field - Please confirm your agreement to publish - Read This

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